1892 - HIKE the GEEK formed, just 6 hours prior to the founding of the Sierra Club, founded in May 28 1892, by John Muir. They gained notoriety by spending their first meeting defeating a proposed reduction in the boundaries of Yosemite National Park. The HIKE the GEEK group had planned a much bigger brouhaha of including all of Nevada as part of the state park, "it just hangs there off to the right after all" noted one of the geeks, "it's only logical to include it." Being mostly xNTPs, the geeks got a bit caught up in a difficult vote on which technology to use to get to the meeting place. Take the trusted velocipede, or the newly installed cable car, or the new "Benz" as the younger folks liked to call it, which had just arrived 7 years earlier.


1894 - HtG Hikers place registers on the summits of six peaks and begin recording ascents. Sadly, they encode everything in metric, and reporters, confused by this, simply ignore this accurate information, and give credit to the Sierra Club.


1904 - Group's first local outings begin in San Francisco. Two members attacked for their "life style."


1906 - San Francisco earthquake and fire destroys group records and library. Club headquarters temporarily moved to Berkeley. Obviously.


1908 - Group membership reaches 1,024.


1930 - Membership reaches 64. Previous membership turns out to be error in binary math system being used by members.


1956 - Membership reaches 128, entire group agreed not to mention membership again until it doubled. Sierra Club Council created. Membership reaches 10,000. HtG membership estimated to be greater than sum of population on earth in 100 years at current growth rate.


1959 - Sierra club holds Sixth Wilderness Conference focuses on "The Meaning of Wilderness to Science." Participants raise the issue of the environmental effects of world overpopulation. No HtG members invited. Members are confused.


1962 - Bad year for hike group, Spacewar Computer game invented. Members not seen again until 78, when VisCalc invented, and many members realize it is time to "just get out and take a break."


1966 - Star Trek first aired.


1981 - Membership up. Believed to be from a need to "get out and away from MS-DOS." Members look forward to next computer annoyance as chance to see each other again.


1989 - Al gore invents the internet, allowing members to finally find each other, and the hike locations.


1992 - Club begins its second century. Then president Myron Smegledorff accidentally erases entire charter and records stored on a single floppy disk.


1999 (11:59:59 pm) - Group is 'ready."


2001 - Outgoing President Clinton moves to protect 60 million acres of wild national forests, including the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. "A guy and gal need a place to, haha, you know..." said the president to a confused club member.