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Welcome to the Beta program to test the TinyGnomes Client App.
We are using Flutter as our framework.
We support 100% of the Calendar Agenda view (a single day).
Next up, Chat.,


Some helpful tricks:

  •  Colour has meaning:
    • Red - there is something you must do.
    • Orange - things that are live (peers online, current day, status alerts)
    • Purple - you probably want to know this, such as a meeting that was moved, or if you are not looking at today, so you don't make mistakes (think of purple things as little helpers)
  • Double tap the Day Picker to toggle 'Most important events.'
Tiny Gnomes Web AppJun 13, 2024
Not Working
Tiny Gnomes Android StoreSep 14, 2023
Tiny Gnomes Android (apk)Jun 13, 2024
Tiny Gnomes iOS AppJan 19, 2024
Tiny Gnomes Windows DesktopJun 13, 2024
Tiny Gnomes Mac DesktopJan 19, 2024
Tiny Gnomes Linux DesktopComing soon